These are some interactive tools to help visualize rotations through an imaginary angle. They require the use of the (completely free) Wolfram Mathematica Player. It is available for download from the Wolfram website here:

These tools are meant as supplement demonstrations for a paper submitted to the American Journal of Physics, preprint on arXiv:0906.1573v1 [physics.class-ph].

Please contact me if you have questions, comments or suggestions for improving it. And stay tuned here for future updates.

You might need to right-click and select ``save link/target as'' to download these demonstrations.  There are seven different visualizations at the moment:
  1. Complex vectors decomposed into real and imaginary vectors, [31kb, .nbp]
  2. Complex vectors x and y components displayed on a Re-Im plot, [24kb, .nbp]
  3. Both visualizations at once, [27kb, .nbp]
  4. Complex vectors x and y length components and phase, [33kb, .npb]
  5. 3D complex vectors and rotation, [30kb, .npb]
  6. Visualizing Grassmann Numbers, [27kb, .npb]
  7. Visualization of the Pauli Spin Matrices, [59kb, .nbp]
If anyone talented/knowledgeable in Java/Flash/Etc. would like to work with me on web-embeddable demontrations, please contact me!