A blog written by me and my brothers: http://lanseybrothers.blogspot.com

A physics/math blog written by me: http://behindtheguesses.blogspot.com/

My brother Jonathan/Yoni's webpage/"Alternate resume":

My mother's webpage:

Be sure to check out the ever amazing Mathematica, and the Web-based indefinite integral solver The Integrator:
http://www.mathematica.com/ and http://integrals.wolfram.com

These are the places I'm currently in school. Yes, both, at the same time. Hooray for crazy bureaucracy!
The Graduate Center of the City University of New York and The City College of NY.

My Ph.D. adviser, David Crouse's webpage: http://www-ee.ccny.cuny.edu/faculty/people/d_crouse.htm

Team Chucky, reigning World Champion Punkin Chunkin, Torsion division catapult category:

Yeshiva University, where I got my undergraduate degree, and where I currently teach physics labs:

Some friend's webpages/blogs:
The ever hilarious The Cold Hard Facts
The often funny, always thought-provoking Bits of Ink

Some things I read/watch:
xkcd, enough said.
LoadingReadyRun. Sketch comedy.

I'm probably forgetting some important ones. Contact me, if you remember what I'm missing.